Pack Communication
Posted On: 2022-03-08

Most packs have a lot of people involved - a lot of people who need to know what is going on, where, and when. Some information needs only to go to parents, other information goes to den leaders, members of the committee, the boys, or the district.

Lines of communication need to be established between:

  • The council and pack.
  • The district and pack.
  • The Cubmaster and den leaders.
  • The chartered organization and pack leaders.
  • The pack and the community.
  • The leaders and the Cubs.
  • The leaders and the parents.
  • The parent and Cubs.

Many things occur from poor communication. The pack may miss an important event, the boy may not receive his next advancement, the parents may miss out on an outing. There are many ways to improve communication and let everyone know what is happening.

Some things that can be done are:

  • Take notes
  • Listen
  • Plan
  • Review notes
  • Encourage ideas
  • Communication to parents is not just the den leader's responsibility
  • Understand that others may interpret the information differently