Sample Den Rules
Posted On: 2010-02-21

1. Obey the rules

2. Bring dues weekly

3. Bring your Cub Scout book to every meeting

4. Be quiet when the sign is up

5. Bring supplies when asked

6. Respect other’s property and feelings

7. Follow leaders and den chief’s instructions

8. Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking

9. Wipe off feet before entering meeting place.

10. Go straight home after the meeting.

11. If called down twice in the den meeting, the boy is sent home. If sent home two meetings in a row, in order to return to the following den meeting, he has to bring one of his parents with him.

12. When a boy misbehaves on an outing he will be left at home on the next outing. The next time he will be included if he can follow all the den rules.

A boy will push as far as he can, and each time a leader gives in, he’ll push a little farther. There is no excuse for a group of Cub scouts tearing up a house or furniture, and set of rules, enforces and followed, helps prevent the possibility of destruction of property and nerves.



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