Cubmobile Derby
Posted On: 2009-01-02

Planning for a Cubmobile Derby should begin several months before the race date. The cars for each derby are built the same. The only difference is you do not use the starting ramp. The power comes from the Cub Scouts.

Each den builds its own Cubmobile, with dads or other adults helping to supervise the construction. Each pack family should be furnished with an information sheet listing the rules, awards, procedures, building specification, date, time and place. This will help prevent any misunderstandings.

Cubmobile Building Specifications

Cubmobile Track

One of the best locations is a fairly flat parking lot that is not used on the day of your scheduled event. Schools, churches, or parking areas of an abandon shopping center make an excellent track. Be sure and get permission before scheduling your event. The lanes should be roped off and marked with chalk so boys will know where they are to drive.

Crossing over from one lane to another will happen, especially with inexperienced drivers. Boys should be instructed to stay within their own lanes. Judges should observe entire race for any fouls.

The track should be a smooth-surfaced street with a gradual slope that is neither too long nor too steep. The suggested track length is about 150 feet, plus additional stopping space. Secure approval from the appropriate city, county, or park authority to close off the street to traffic during the derby.

Usually a ramp is set up to start the cars. Cubmobiles start from a standstill, running down the ramp and the slope to the finish line. No pushing or pumping with the feet is allowed.

Racing Procedure:

Since several boys race the same car and compete against recorded time, Cubmobiles can be raced again as soon as they get back from the finish line. It will delay the race if boys are assigned a particular time to race. Run a race when two cars and two drivers reach the starting ramp. Accurate time-keeping is a must.


The starting ramp should allow ample room for two cars at the same time. The ramp can be elevated at the back side with cement blocks to get more speed at the start



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