What the Advancement Program does For the Boy
Posted On: 2009-01-02

A boy's experience with achievements, electives, and activity badges will do more than help build his self-reliance. It will also help him discover that he is now old enough to assume certain responsibilities toward other people. This is necessary as a foundation for good citizenship.

The advancement program gives a boy the recognition that he needs so much. Boys sometimes develop behavior problems in seeking recognition. If they receive proper recognition they might not need to do so many exasperating things in trying to gain it.

Many of the advancement projects are activities the entire family can enjoy together. This brings a boy and his family closer together.

Another training tip taken from the Cub Scout Leader Book. This book is available from your Scout Shop.

A lot of packs will be having pinewood derbies in the next few months. There will be cars that cross that finish line first and then others Cubs who have cars that don't place as high. It's important that our Cubs realize that doing their best is what is most important. I found the following section in the Cub Scout Leader Book, Chapter 1-4



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