The ABC's Of A Good Den Leader
Posted On: 2009-01-02

ATTITUDE - Accent the positive. Attitudes determine effectiveness.

BOYS - Remember that the program is for them. "If it's not for the boys, it's for the birds."

COMMUNICATION - Help keep the lines open.

DIPLOMACY - Be a diplomat, not a dictator

EFFORT - You'll get out as much as you put in.

FLEXIBILITY - Be able to bend

GUIDE - Guide, but don't force.

HARMONY - You can help maintain this in your Pack

INTEREST - Keep interest high by KIS-MIF

JOY - Spread it...Pass it on.

KNOWLEDGE - Den Leaders depend on you for this. Stay informed.

LISTEN - with understanding

MORALE - Provide moral support for Den Leaders. They need it.

NOBODY - is a nobody in Cub Scouting

ORGANIZED - Set goals and reach them.

PROBLEMS - There are none...just unresolved opportunities.

QUANDRY - Keep your Den Leaders out of this state.

RESOURCEFUL - Know where to get materials and ideas

SCOUT - Our goal is for every Cub to become a Scout

TRAINING - Provide this for your Den Leaders.

UNIFORM - Promote the uniform, and set a good example by wearing it.

VOLUNTEERS - Remember they are hard to come by. Use them, don't lose them.

WISDOM - This includes perseverance, tolerance, and tact.

XTRA SPECIAL - That is what each boy is.

YEAR - Cub Scouting is year 'round. Plan your program that way.

ZEST - Perform your job with zest.



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