Our Oath And Law
Posted On: 2022-03-03


Last week for the Scoutmasters Minute, I talked a little about what Scouting was like a half-century ago. You may remember that I said it wasn't very different, at least not in the basics. the Scouts of the Twenties came into Scouting for the same reason you did - to enjoy the outdoors, learn some new skills, and have some fun.

There's something else that is not different: Our Scout Oath and Scout Law. ever since 1910, more than 75 years ago, boy Scouts have been gathering at troop meetings and repeating the exact same Scout Oath and Law.

I think that's amazing. The world has changed in many ways over 75 years. when Scouting was new, a boy's life was very different. There was no television, no radio, movies were brand new, most people traveled by horse and carriage or train, adults worked long hours six days a week - and so did some kids. it was just a different world.

But the first Boy Scouts in 1910 pledged themselves to the same Scout Oath and Law. And they tried to live by it, just as I hope you do today. Let's think about that as we repeat the Scout Oath and Law. (Lead Oath and Law. )