A Scout Is Friendly-01
Posted On: 2022-03-03


Tonight I'm going to tell you a little story that didn't really happen - at least, I don't think it did. It's about a boy named Brian who had just moved into town and hadn't any friends.

One night Brian happened to come by our meeting place and heard us playing. He hung around a while, listening and looking, but he couldn't get up the nerve to come in. I guess he was a little bit timid.

Anyway the next week he was back, hanging around the door. he still couldn't get up his courage to come in and join us.

Brian was just waiting around the door when he saw a Scout coming down the street, heading for our troop meeting. That Scout was you.

That's all the story I’m going to tell. you have to finish it. What happened? Did you brush by him or did you invite him to come in?