Your Mark - Which Will It Be?
Posted On: 2022-03-02


(Hold up a plaster cast of a track. )

Scouts, here you see permanent evidence that an animal (or bird) has passed along the way. Before we made the cast, the track was pretty temporary - a few hours of wind and rain and all signs of the animal's passing would be erased. By making the cast, we preserved the track for future generations of Scouts to view.

Our lives can make a temporary or permanent mark in the world according to the way we live. Most of us probably never will be great leaders of nations or famous in the arts or sciences, but we can still leave a permanent mark on this earth by the things we do for others.

The daily Good Turn is one way to start making your mark because as you give of yourself to others in unselfish service, you are making changes in their lives and yours. Those who change the lives of others make a permanent mark in the world because the good they do lives on long after they have passed along the way.

Has each of you done his Good Turn today? Have you decided to consciously seek out opportunities for service to others and not just wait until you happen to see a need?

Decide now to leave your permanent track as you pass through the years.