Camp In A City
Posted On: 2022-03-02


As we look at local government, perhaps we can gain a better understanding of its duties and responsibilities, if we compare it with our own troop experience in camp.

A camp is a city in many ways. First of all, the camp has certain rules and regulations (laws) developed for the good of all campers. Then, of course, someone must enforce these laws, and it is the responsibility of troop leaders (police and courts) to see that camp regulations are followed. Wherever groups of people live there is a need for fire protection, and the camp is no exception. We organize a troop fireguard (firemen) while we are in camp to protect our property from the danger of fire.

Sanitation, including proper disposal of refuse and garbage, must be taken care of both in the city and in camp. In our patrol rotation of duties, we have kitchen and campsite "cleaner-uppers" (sanitation department).

There are other similarities between camp and city, but the ones I've mentioned are enough to point out the value of participating citizenship. You all know what happens in the camp when we have indifferent citizens. Everyone suffers because of the failure of a few. The same thing is true in a government.