Posted On: 2009-01-03

Like any other profession, the computer field has a lot of special words, like pixel, RAM, ROM, crash, bits, bytes and nibbles. All these terms have precise meanings for computer specialists. My favorite is a made-up word. It's GIGO, spelt G-I-G-O. Does anyone know what it means? It stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out. "

That's the computer experts way of saying that if you put the wrong information into a computer you will get a false result. The computer is a marvelous machine, but it can only work with the data you feed it. If that data is wrong then the computer's answer will be wrong, too.

"Garbage In, Garbage Out" is true of the human mind, too. Your mind is the most powerful computer ever created, but like this home computer we have here, it depends on what you put into it. For example, if you always hang around with guys that use terrible language, it will be imprinted in your brain's circuits, and it probably won't be long before garbage is coming out of your mouth, too. Same thing with actions. If your friends are always trying to rip things off or hurt other people in some way, you can almost be sure that you'll pick up their habits.

So when you're choosing friends, remember GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out.



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