Scouting Is Alive
Posted On: 2009-01-03

Our theme this month is called "Scouting is Alive," but I think it ought to be "Scouting is alive and well and living in (your community). "

I guess the theme is supposed to remind us that 78 years after the first troops were started in the United States, Scouting still offers fun and adventure to boys. Certainly that's what we do in this troop.

But maybe this is a good time, as we think about this theme, to ask ourselves, "Are we alive in Scouting?" Do we take part in all patrol and troop activities? Are we advancing on the Scouting trail? Are we trying to live by the Scout Oath and Law? In other words, are we "alive" Scouts? Or are we deadwood?

Late this month we're going to have a court of honor to recognize those Scouts who have earned advancement and shown the Scout Spirit that is required to make this troop alive and well. I hope that each one of you will be on the list to receive a rank advancement, merit badge, or other award.

Let's remind ourselves that every time that we repeat the Scout Oath, we pledge, "On my honor, I will do my best. . . " That's a good guide for living, not just in Scouting but in everything we do.




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