They Saved Life
Posted On: 2022-02-23


Every year about 200 Scouts earn medals for saving a life. A lot of them performed water rescues. Probably you've read about some of those rescues in the Boys Life feature called "Scouts in Action".

Do you suppose all those Scouts who saved people from drowning were great swimmers? No, not necessarily. Some of them may not have even been very good swimmers because - remember - you try to reach, throw, or row to a drowning person before you jump in and swim. Many medals have gone to guys who didn't swim at all, but who were able to act when everybody else was panicking, and tossed a rope or reached a pole to the person in trouble.

We've been practicing the reach, throw and row water rescue methods. Those of you who have the Lifesaving merit badge also know the Go method.

So all of us should be prepared to help somebody who is in trouble in the water. If you're not, practice some more. Then you'll be ready when you're needed.




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