Magic Shoes
Posted On: 2022-02-19


Formation – Teams of 8 to 10 people

Equipment – Something to make 2 lines

Game – Set the boundary lines about four feet apart. Have the team
stand behind one boundary line, facing the other line. Tell the girls
all of the directions. The entire team must get from one boundary to the
other boundary. In between the boundaries is a pit. The only way to get
across is by using the invisible magic shoes (any pair of shoes). All
players must end up on the other side.

  1. Everyone may wear the shoes one time going one way.

  2. Shoes may not be tossed back to the other side.

  3. Once you have worn the shoes you may not wear them again.

  4. Both shoes must be worn by the same person.
    Let everyone work as a team to figure out a solution.