Fill The Sack
Posted On: 2009-01-05

Formation: Form teams in single lines

Equipment: Balloons (have plenty on hand), 4 cardboard boxes

Game: Form 3 teams. Give each team a color – one that is of the color of the balloons. Have in one large enough cardboard box (sack), enough balloons for each team member in each team. (If each team has 10 players – you should have 10 each of that colored balloon in the box (sack). Place this box in the center of the room. Place the other 3 boxes across the room – each with a color tag on it (to spice it up – don’t put the same colored box across from the same colored team). At the start, the first player runs to the main box (sack) and gets her teams colored balloon. She then runs back to the line and gives the balloon to the next player. The next player runs the balloon to their teams color box and placed it in the box. She then runs back to the center box and finds another of her teams balloons. She then runs back to the line and give the balloon to the next person. Repeat!. The first team finished with the most balloons wins. Continue play even if a balloon pops. All popped balloons are lost.




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