Switch #1
Posted On: 2009-01-08

This final game from Clouds on the Clothesline is fun to play with groups of 12 or more in an area with several different kinds of trees. It's also a good way for Cubs to reinforce their tree identification skills.

Organize the players into three or four groups, depending on the kinds of trees in the area (maple, beech, birch, etc.), and choose one player IT. Each player moves off to stand touching his kind of tree (one player per tree), and IT takes a centre position. When IT calls out the name of a group (e.g. "Maples"), all players in the group race to change places with each other. As they do, IT tries to claim one of the maple trees for himself. If he's successful, the player he replaces becomes IT. When IT calls out, "Forest", all players must change places, again making sure they end up touching a tree of their group's name.

Over time, we have come to the frightening realization that there is no "spare in the trunk". As they have fun playing in and exploring the outdoors, children also can begin to appreciate that God's world is "one of a kind" - something very, very special that needs all the respect and care we can give it.



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