Amoeba Race
Posted On: 2022-02-01

This game from Science Is...takes a lot of cooperation. Explain that an amoeba is one of the tiniest, simplest animals on earth - a microscopic one-celled animal that lives in water. It consists of jelly-like protoplasm that changes shape as the creature moves and feeds, and a control center called the nucleus.

Have the pack form an amoeba. You need lots of boys who don't mind being close to each other as the protoplasm. Other boys form the cell wall by making a circle around the protoplasm, facing outwards and linking elbows. One small Cub with good eyesight becomes the nucleus by piggy-backing on one of the protoplasm's shoulders so that he can overlook the whole cell.

Now, see if the amoeba can move down the field. To make progress without accidents, the Cubs have to work together without pushing or pulling. Perhaps they can imagine a rhythmic kind of amoeba sound to help them coordinate their movements. How fast can the amoeba move?

After the boys are good at being one amoeba, try some cell division. Can opposite sides of the cell wall squeeze together to make two amoebas from one? Don't forget to hoist up another nucleus to control the new cell, then set the amoebas on a race to the finish line.