Picture Scavenger Hunt
Posted On: 2022-01-31

Ranger Rick's Activities Guide offers an excellent hunt for Beavers, many of whom are still just learning to read. Prepare a picture scavenger sheet for each boy by ruling a piece of paper into a dozen squares and either drawing or gluing down a picture of a different natural item in each square. Include one picture of litter. Glue each sheet to a sturdy piece of cardboard and cover the front with clear contact paper

Give each Beaver a hunt sheet and a grease pencil for marking an X on pictures of things he sees along the way. Talk briefly about the items in the squares, then set out on your hunt. Carry a plastic bag for litter, the only item you will bring back. When the hunt is over, talk about the things you saw. How many birds, flowers, bees. etc.?

This hunt is also good for Beaver leaders because, when it is over, you can collect the scavenger hunt sheets, wipe off the grease pencil marks, and store away the cards to use another year.