Bat the Balloon
Posted On: 2022-01-31

  • Semi-active, indoors.
  • Equipment: Balloons.
  • Formation: Relay.

Teams line up with members standing side by side, separated by the distance obtained when players stretch their arms sideways. Fingertips should touch between players.

The first player in line takes an inflated balloon, and bats it towards the second person in line, who bats it to the third person, on down the line and back again.

The only rule is this: once the players have taken their stance, they may not move their feet. If a balloon falls to the floor, or if someone moves his feet in an attempt to reach the balloon, the first person in line must run and get the balloon and take it back to the starting line to begin again.

Variation: add more than one balloon per line, going in both directions.