Wells Fargo
Posted On: 2022-01-31


  • Six silver or gold ingots (if budget restraints prevent the use of real ingots, pieces of 2x2 wrapped in silver or gold foil will do).
  • Strips of paper 2 cm x 20 cm in two colors for "lives".
  • Safety pins (one per player plus extras)

To Play (20 minutes)

Organize the troop in two equal teams and assign each a "life" color. Each player pins a life of the appropriate color on his right shoulder.

Organize the play area into halves and assign each team one half to defend. Each team sets up a bank and a jail in its territory, marking out a ground area 3 m x 3 m for each with string or flour.

Give each team three ingots to deposit in its bank.

On signal, players try to sneak into their opponents' territory to steal their ingots and carry them to their own bank.

A player may carry only one ingot at a time.

A player is captured when an opponent tears his life from his shoulder. Captures may be made only in the opposition's territory (attacking zone).

If he is carrying one, a captured player must surrender the ingot to his captor, then go to the enemy jail, where he receives a new life but must stay until rescued by a teammate. In order to make the rescue, the teammate must run into the jail and tag inmates without being caught.

When time is up, the team with the most ingots in the bank is the winner.