Rockets And Interceptors
Posted On: 2022-01-31

  • Type: Pack
  • Equipment: Some colored bands, six tins, number of bottle-tops, or dried peas.

For this game, the area needs to be partly open, and partly of the kind where Cubs can hide themselves:i.e. with scrub lupins and little hillocks, etc. The Cubs are divided into two teams, Rockets, and Interceptors, each with their own colored bands. They change sides at halftime.

About six targets are laid out in the playing area as wide apart as possible. They should be about 10 inches diameter each and have a Leader as an umpire at or near each end, and a tin in the middle. Only the Rockets are allowed in the target areas, and no more than four Interceptors are allowed to hover around each target area. Each Rocket is given five warheads (bottle tops). If so desired special warheads can be issued worth five bottle tops each. Five of these should be issued and these Rockets should have no ordinary warheads worth one bottle-top each.

The aim of the Rockets is to destroy the target areas by landing a fixed number of warheads in them, say, 25 for each target area. A bonus of 10 warheads can be given for each target area wholly destroyed. The rockets have to run into the target areas without being touched by an Interceptor. If they are tagged they must give up one of their warheads. The special warhead must be given up in total. The winner is the side with the most warheads at the end. (after two halves)