Smugglers' Treasure
Posted On: 2022-01-25

  • Type: Pack
  • Equipment: Counters (or similar) to represent a treasure

Divide the Pack into three teams: Smugglers, pedlars, and police. The smugglers are trying to dispose of the treasure to the pedlars, while the police are trying to prevent them. The smugglers and pedlars start at positions about a quarter of a mile apart and work towards each other. The police start from a position about halfway between the two and try to prevent the exchange from taking place. If a smuggler or pedlar is caught with a counter he must surrender it to the police, but he is still in the game. The pedlars may take their counters to a base for safety, or risk being caught with several. The smuggler may return to his base for another. In the end, count the treasure of the pedlars and police. The treasure in possession of the smugglers does not count.



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