Pavement Artist
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Type: Semi circle
  • Equipment: Large number of sheets of brown paper, crayons, 3 or 4 beans per Cub.

One Cub, the Pavement Artist, sits on the floor with an upturned cap in front of him, and proceeds to draw anything he likes.

Meanwhile, other Cubs, who are sitting some distance away in a semi-circle round him, try to throw their beans, one at a time, and in turn, into his cap. The first who succeeds changes places with him, and he starts to draw a picture. On ceasing to become the Pavement Artist, the Cub initials his attempt, whether finished or not, and places it on exhibition. If he gets another turn he may either start another drawing or complete and improve his old one.

Every picture counts a point to him, but at the end of the game, the artists' efforts are judged on their merits, so that a Cub with one good drawing may beat others with several poor or mediocre attempts.



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