Neat Circle
Posted On: 2022-01-25

  • Type: Pack Circle
  • Equipment: Nil

The Cubs sit in the pack circle and in each six every cub is allotted a particular item from cleanliness rules. Akela tells a story involving the actions concerned, and when these are mentioned the respective cubs run around the outside of the circle and back to their places. The first one home scores a point for his six, but only if he can demonstrate the item concerned to Akela's satisfaction.

  1. Breathing through the nose
  2. Cleaning shoes
  3. Washing feet and knees
  4. Brushing teeth
  5. Cleaning and cutting nails
  6. Washing hands

Can be varied - Fetches coal (wash hands) muddy path (wash knees) has dinner (brush teeth) open window (deep breathing) etc. Cubs act on this inspection test.