Pack 'Em In
Posted On: 2022-01-20

Active, outdoors/indoors

Equipment: per team: suitcase; umbrella; hat; coat; gloves; scarf (it is ideal if the clothing is oversized).

Formation: relay.

Divide the group into even teams and line up each team in relay formation. Place the suitcase, filled with the clothing, in front of the first player on each team.

On 'Go', the first player opens the suitcase, puts on all the clothing, and runs down to the other end of the playing area and back. Here, they remove all the clothing and put it back inside the suitcase, shut the suitcase, and tag the next player in line. That player opens the suitcase and gets dressed and runs down the playing area and back.

The relay continues until all players have had the chance to get dressed, travel, and unpack.

Provide additional articles of clothing or accessories, to make the outfit even funnier.