Putt It There
Posted On: 2022-01-20

Active, outdoors/indoors

Equipment: per team: 1 golf umbrella; 1 golf sweater; 1 golf hat; 1 golf glove; 1 golf putter; 1 golf ball; 1 putting cup.

Formation: Relay.

Divide the group into teams of six. One player from each team is selected to be the model. The teams are lined up at one end with the models in the middle of the playing area and the putting cup at the far end.

On 'Go', the first player from each team runs to the model, carrying the sweater. He puts the sweater on the model and runs back. THE MODEL MAY NOT HELP ANY OF HIS TEAMMATES IN ANY WAY.

The second member puts on the hat, et. until the model has on all of the above pieces of equipment.

Using the putter, the model then putts the golf ball into the putting cup. The first team whose golfer sinks the putt is the winner.