Posted On: 2009-01-21

Nature game, outdoors.

Equipment: pen and paper.

Formation: small groups.

Divide the group into teams of 4 to 6. Give each team a large piece of paper and a pen.

Each letter in the word SWAMP stands for another word that describes something in nature:

S Stars

W Weather

A Animals

M Minerals

P Plants

On 'Go', each team writes down as many words as it can think of that relate to the words STARS. The only stipulation is this: They must be able to SEE what they write down from where they are sitting (e.g., sky is where stars are seen; clouds cover stars on a dull night). Each team has five minutes to write down as many words as possible.

The next five minutes are devoted to the word WEATHER, the next five to ANIMALS and so on until all letters of the word SWAMP have been given equal time.

At the end of the writing session, the leader tallies the number of words to see which team has the sharpest eyes, and the most vivid imagination (some teams may have to explain their rationale behind writing down certain words - the leader may not understand how they relate to the 'master' word).

You'll be amazed at the boy's imagination.



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