Kim Pairs
Posted On: 2022-01-13

  • Indoors
  • Equipment: 12 objects on a tray; pencil and paper per Cub
  • Formation: Circle

There are three versions of this game that can be taken in natural progression:

1. The Cubs sit in a circle and look at the objects on the tray. The leader then mentions an object which relates to something on the tray, e.g., the leader says 'letter' and there is a stamp on the tray. Then the Cubs must draw a stamp on their paper.

2. The same procedure is followed, but the tray is covered and the Cubs must draw the object from memory.

3. The leader now mentions an abstract idea related to one of the objects, e.g., the leader says 'open' and there is a key on the tray. So the Cubs must draw the key from memory.




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