Gazelle Stalking
Posted On: 2009-01-21

  • Indoors
  • Equipment: 2 blindfolds; 1 chain of bells
  • Formation: Circle

All players form a circle. Two people are chosen to be the Gazelle and the Stalker. These two people go outside of the circle, where they are blindfolded; they are taken to different sides of the circle.

Those left in the circle are taught two sounds:

  • 1. A clicking sound with the tongue, and
  • 2. A blowing sound (like the howling wind).

The Stalker then tries to catch the Gazelle; to do so he must be careful not to make too much noise. The people in the circle can help the Stalker by giving the clicking sound when he is far away from the Gazelle and by giving the blowing sound when he is getting near.



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