Variation--Poison Circle
Posted On: 2022-01-10

The players form a circle as large as the joining of hands will permit. When the circle is completed, all drop hands and each one takes the longest step possible towards the center. Then with his toe if outdoors, or with chalk, if indoors, each player marks on the ground a section of the so-called Poison Circle. After completing the Poison Circle, the players step back to the original circle and again join hands. A ball is placed in the center and the preparation is complete. At the starting signal, the players, still holding hands, move around the circle to the right. Then, without warning, the leader calls "change" or blows his whistle. At this signal, everybody moves in the opposite direction and the Players try to force one another into the Poison Circle. When a player is drawn into the circle everyone calls "poison" and runs from him, while he, in the meantime, gets the ball and tries to hit one of them. If two or more players are drawn into the circle at the same time, any one of them may get the ball and try to hit one of the others. After the one who throws either hits or misses, the circle is reformed and the game continues.