Crazy Collecting
Posted On: 2022-01-06

Actors pantomime the different types of collectors as the narrator introduces each one.
The narrator may start with something like this:

NARRATOR:        Everyone collects things. You collect things, I collect things. Let’s take a look at some
                 things other people collect.
                 (Samples of collectors you might pantomime)
                 A mother collects dirt
                 (mother in housework clothes mops across the stage)
                 A coin collector collects coins
                 (bank robber crosses the stage with a sack of coins looking around nervously for The Law)
                 Dogs are among the greatest collectors. They collect FLEAS
                 (actor dressed as dog rolls across stage scratching)
                 Now, teachers, they collect papers, of course
                 (harried teacher runs across with reams of paper spilling out on all sides)

(These are some ideas. You add other “collectors.”)

End with:        The greatest collector of them all
                 (An actor staggers across the stage loaded down with everything from soup to nuts,
                 literally! He can be carrying a washing machine part and dragging a car fender. Let your
                 imagination go! A big sign on him reads: “Junk Man.”)