Santa's Help-In
Posted On: 2009-01-23

CAST:          SANTA with list and empty sack.
               HELPERS, 6 (or more, if desire) with red caps, working tools and toys.
               HELPER ‘X’ (last helper) with green cap.

SETTING:       Santa’s Workshop, with all 7 helpers busy working on toys and whistling
               or singing “Jingle Bells.” As curtain opens, Santa enters, puzzled,
               despaired, checking list in his hand.

SANTA:         Ho! Ho! Help!
               This is an unusual list from the Cub Scouts of Pack (fill in your pack
               We’re running out of time! Good grief! Sakes alive.

(Santa sits down with sack opened, looking very, very sad.)

HELPER 1:      I’ve worked hard on trains;
               Have they run out of brains?

HELPER 2:      It’s clear to see
               They don’t want trucks from me.

HELPER 3:      Surely Santa, you know the score.
               That’s no ho! ho! Please tell us more.

HELPER 4:      I know, great red and white one … they need a change.
               (He rattles coins in his pocket.)

HELPER 5:      That’s right wise leader. Any new ideas in our “goody range?”

HELPER 6:      Shazam! Me thinks the Cubs are tired of toys;
               How about more arrow points for those boys?

HELPER X: (Runs across stage, carrying large cardboard shield with arrow points glued
               Sock it to ‘em Santa!

(He places shield in Santa’s sack. All stand and bow together, go off singing “Jingle



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