CPR Rescuers
Posted On: 2022-01-06

CAST:              3 CUB SCOUTS
SETTING:           Cubs are standing around reading newspapers or magazines as if waiting for the bus to

1ST CUB:           (Suddenly grabs his chest and falls down on the ground.)
(All others gather around him.)

2ND CUB:           Looks like he’s had a heart attack!

3RD CUB:           Sure does. Does anybody know CPR?

2ND CUB:           I do. I’m a Cub Scout.

(The 2 CUBS begin to do CPR. One pretends to do Rescue Breathing while the other
pretends to do chest compressions.)

2ND CUB:           (After a while)
                   I’m getting tired. Let’s change positions.
3RD CUB:           OK Ready? Let’s change.

(3rd Cub lies down on the floor; 1st Cub gets up and starts doing Rescue Breathing and
the 2nd Cub starts doing chest compressions.)



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