J.C. Penney #2 (A More Obvious “J.C. Penney” Variation)
Posted On: 2022-01-06

               J.C. PENNEY
               CUSTOMERS (as many as desired)

PROPS:         Table for the checkout counter
               Cash register(optional)
               Various articles of clothing (Suggest Cub Scout uniform parts)

SETTING:       Clerk in store.

1ST BOY:       Hi. Do you have a Cub Scout neckerchief?”

CLERK:         Yes we do. Just a minute. (Clerk goes off stage or behind a curtain. Sounds of a scuffle
               are heard. Clerk returns with a neckerchief, the customer pays and leaves)

2ND BOY        Do you have a Cub Scout shirt?
               (the same thing happens)

3RD BOY:       Do you have a pair of shoes?

CLERK:         Let me see...
               (goes off stage same thing happens)
               You’re in luck, we have one pair left in that size.

4TH BOY:       Do you have a pair of socks?

CLERK:         Hmmmm, let me check.”
               (Same thing)
               Yep, we got a pair”

5TH BOY:       Do you have a pair of Cub Scout pants?”

CLERK:         No we’re all sold out. How about shorts”

5TH BOY:       That would be OK”

(Same thing but when clerk returns and starts to ring up a sale, a boy from offstage or behind
the curtain walks out wrapped in a towel.)

J.C. PENNY:    (Grabs the shorts.)
               That’s the last straw! I quit this crummy job.
               (Walks offstage.)



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