The Burning Schoolhouse
Posted On: 2022-01-04

CAST:           Old man and several boys.

SCENE:          Boys are standing around talking when an old man comes by

OLD MAN:        The schoolhouse is burning!

BOYS:           (The boys become very excited and shout.)
                The school is burning! The school is burning!”

(The old man stays on stage. The boys run off to one side. The first boy crosses the stage
carrying a cup. Another boy follows then another, just about then the first boy comes
hurrying back across the stage.)

BOYS:           Hurry! Hurry! It’s burning faster!

(This continues so that one or two boys are always crossing the stage area in each
direction, urging each other to greater speed and to not spill the contents of the cup.
Finally, the old man speaks)

OLD MAN:        Say fellows, you’re never going to put out that fire with those little cups of water.

ONE BOY:        Water? This isn’t water, it’s kerosene!!!”

(Boys hurry off to the fire.)