Water! Water! #2
Posted On: 2009-01-23

CAST:          Several CUB SCOUTS

PROPS:         Sahara Desert scenery (Have Cubs draw cactus for background.)
               A glass of water.

1ST CUB:       (Crawls across stage gasping and saying:)
               WATER! WATER!

               (Collapses about one fourth of the way across)

2ND CUB:       (Same as #1 but he gets a little further before he collapses.)

3RD CUB, 4TH CUB, etc. (Do the same as #1 but each gets a little closer to the boy with the glass of
               water before collapsing.)

LAST CUB:      (Cub with the longest, messiest hair. Crawls across the stage, panting and asking for

               WATER! WATER!

(When he reaches the boy with the glass of water, he drags himself up onto his knees and
pulls a comb from his back pocket, dips it in the glass and combs his hair.)



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