Spooks From Fire Island
Posted On: 2022-01-04

Try this skit during Fire Prevention Week. It was developed by Den Leaders at a Cub
Scout leaders’ conference at Philmont Scout Ranch.

CAST:           7 GHOSTS, Cub Scouts dressed as ghosts (Or use decorated ghost paper puppets.)

SETTING:        Dim lights
                Draped sheet over table for graveyard effect.

1st GHOST:      I smoked and smoked and smoked in bed
                and now you see that I am dead.

2nd GHOST:      My Pop said frayed wires were O.K.,
                I became a spook without delay.

3rd GHOST:      I saved oily rags to use again,
                no telling what I might have been.

4th GHOST:      We thought the campfire under control,
                I just climbed out of my 6-foot hole.

5th GHOST:      While in a hurry the hot grease splattered;
                I didn’t know it really mattered.

6th GHOST:      I played with matches, it was such fun,
                ‘Til I caught fire and began to run.

7th GHOST:      I filled with gas the lawnmower hot,
                so like the others now I’m not.