Buc Tuocs (Round-up Skit)
Posted On: 2009-01-23

             DR. CURE-ALL
             CUB SCOUTS (number can vary)

ANNOUNCER: Presenting Dr. Cure-All and his marvelous medical discovery, “BUC TUOCS”

DR. CURE-ALL: Thank you, my friends. Boys, have you been feeling sluggish lately? Do you have that
             gray feeling? Do you have that over-seven feeling? I have the answer to your woes:
             “BUC TUOCS”!

CUB 1:       When I reached seven, I needed something. I was out of touch. I tried “BUC TUOCS”
             and got the lift I needed.

CUB 2:       I couldn’t adjust. My social life was falling apart. “BUC TUOCS” was the answer for

CUB 3:       I was afraid of growing old. Was life passing me by? “BUC TUOCS” gave my life

CUB 4:       My friends had gone in different directions. “BUC TUOCS” helped me find new friends.
             (You can use more testimonials if you have more Cub Scouts)

DR. CURE-ALL: Thank you boys for your unsolicited testimonials.
             Remember folks, try “BUC TUOCS” -- that’s CUB SCOUT spelled backwards!



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