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Muscle Building Champs

CAST:              6 boys in uniform holding props as described below.

Setting:           All boys come on stage and one at a time step forward and speak their lines.

ALL TOGETHER: We all excel in building muscles
                   We’re champs at that, you see;
                   Just listen to our stories
                   And we re sure you will agree.

1ST BOY:           I hold the title of strongest in my den
                   Do you suppose it’s because of my friend?

(Holds up toy skunk. Other boys hold their noses.)

2ND BOY:           I’m known as the den’s muscle man this year,
                   Most of my muscle is between my ears.

(Pulls out small hat from behind his back and tries desperately to fit it on his head.)

3RD BOY:           I hold the title of fastest of all,
                   I’m first in line for the chow basket call.

(Pulls out bag of cookies and begins eating.)

4TH BOY:           I’m known as the champion of the high jump,
                   One time I missed and got a big lump.

(Rubs head, with painful expression on face.)

5TH BOY:           To keep in shape, I exercise each day,
                   I wonder why my muscles turned out this way.

(Removes sweatshirt to show colorful padding on arms and legs.)

6TH BOY:           I’m the champ at making things disappear, you see,
                   Watch us all disappear, as I count to three.

(He counts slowly 1-2-3 as curtain closes.)

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