What Are Cub Scouts Made Of?
Posted On: 2022-01-04

This may be used as a reading or a skit. To use as a skit have a narrator who pauses to let
the Cubs pantomime their parts.

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts are made of 8, 9, and 10-year-old boys.
                (Enter 3 Cubs, one saying “I’m 8,” one saying “I’m 9,” and one Saying “I’m 10.”)

NARRATOR:       Some are solemn and wide-eyed.
                (Enter 2 Cubs, one saying “I’m Solemn,” one saying “I’m wide-eyed.”)

NARRATOR.       Some are wiggly and giggly
                (Enter 2 Cubs, one saying, “I’m wiggly,” and one saying “I’m giggly.”)

NARRATOR:       They come in two varieties, Cubs and Webelos.
                (Enter 2 Cubs enter saying, “I’m a Cub,” one saying “I’m a Webelos.”)

(You may vary the number of Cubs by having more than one come in and say the line together.)

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts love…
                Making noise:               (Cubs do Grand Howl)
                Competition:                (Cubs pair up, arm wrestle, leg wrestle)
                Getting Awards:             (Cubs point proudly to badges on uniforms)
                Singing silly songs:        (Cubs sing one verse of a favorite song)
                Games:             (Cubs do a crab race)
                Making things:              (Cubs pantomime hammering and sawing)
                And just getting together: (Cubs huddle around each other)

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts dislike…
                People who forget the refreshments:           (Cubs make a crying face)
                Being still:                (Cubs all wiggle)
                Lining up:                  (Cubs attempt to line up but mainly mill around)
                And being called sweet: (All Cubs make faces)

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts are fastest at…
                Voting for field trips:     (Raise hands and Shout “yea, yea”)
                Eating refreshments:        (All pantomime stuffing refreshments
                                   into mouth)
                And getting to the head of the line:          (All try to be the first in line)

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts are quietest at…
                A flag ceremony: (All salute and repeat pledge).
                And waiting for the Cubby announcement.

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts are most important…
                While doing good deeds: (Cubs show Scouting-for-Food bags)
                And doing community service:         (Show a poster)

NARRATOR:       Cub Scouts are the basic ingredients for two special things.
                They are what justifies the time a volunteer leader gives…
                And Cub Scouts are what Boy Scouts are made of.