Blue And Gold
Posted On: 2022-01-04


           BANQUET           Let’s Eat         (Rub Tummies)
           CUBMASTER         Signs Up!!!       (Cub Scout Sign)
           CUB SCOUT         Yippee!!!!        (Jump Up And Down)
           DEN LEADER        Oh Dear!          (Hand On Top Of Head)
           DEN DAD           Not Again!!!!     (Hands To Side Of Head)
           PARENTS           Us Too!!!         (Points To Self)
           CHAIRMAN          Thank Heaven!!! (Hands To Ceiling)

           Blue and Gold time has come again. CUB SCOUTS and DEN LEADERS had to come
           up with ideas for the BANQUET to please the CUBMASTER.

           They also had to stay within their budget to the COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN’s delight.

           They made invitations for the PARENTS and the centerpieces for the table with the help
           of the DEN DAD.

           When they arrived at the BANQUET, the PARENTS were happy with the decoration the
           CUB SCOUTS had made.

           When the awards were presented, the DEN DADS and the DEN LEADERS and the
           THE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN was also rewarded.

           Everyone decided it was the nicest Blue and Gold BANQUET that they had had so far.



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