The Happy Hiker
Posted On: 2022-01-04

NARRATOR: We’re going on a hike. Just do what I do and listen carefully. (Begin walking in place)
Here we go on a hike through the woods and over the mountains. Come along with me. (smile, wave to the group, and hike in place)
We’re coming to a steep hill. (bend over as if climbing)
Now we’re on top. What a lovely view! (shade eyes and look around)

Now, we’ll have to go down. (move hand like going down a roller coaster and say “swoosh”)

Boy, we’re out of breath. (breath heavily)

Now, we’re passing through a meadow. (hike in place)

What’s that I see? (stop, look to one side)

It’s a rabbit! And a meadowlark. (look up)

And a bumblebee! (run swiftly in place, waving arms as if fighting off a bee)

We’re happy hikers. (hike in place)

We’re happy because of the beautiful mountains we see (shade eyes and smile) and because of all that clean fresh air we are breathing    (breath heavily) and especially because we got away from the buzzing bee. (smile, turn head to look behind you and wave “bye” to bee)

Now we’re getting tired. (slow pace, walk droopily)

Here's what we need! (point)

A cool refreshing drink from the river. (pick up the pace, kneel down and scoop water to mouth)

Ahhh, how refreshing. Let’s be on our way, (hike in place)

Now let’s try to jump over the river without getting our feet wet. (take a big step, get feet wet, shake them off)

Oh, well, don’t feel too bad about not making it. That was a wide river. At least we have cool toes. (shake feet again)

We’d better stop for lunch. (stop, reach in a pocket, bring out a sandwich, start eating, take the handkerchief from a pocket, wipe mouth, replace handkerchief, resume hiking in place)

Ummmm, that feels better. Look, there’s a lovely lake. (point)

Let’s swim across. (swim strokes)

That was great! (resume hiking in place)

Look at that crooked trail ahead. (point)

It’s nothing but twists and turns. (continue hiking -- twisting and turning)

I’m glad that’s over. I was getting dizzy. (stagger)

Looks like we have come to the end of the trail. (stop)

What do we do now? Are you tired? (shake head YES!)

So am I. (sit down, wipe brow.)



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