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What Makes A Leader

CAST:          Master of Ceremonies (EMCEE)
               Attendees at the Banquet

PROPS:         Computer made from cardboard box with large slot so a large cardboard figure can fit.
               A piece of paper on each table at the banquet
               Cardboard figure of AKELA

(Attendees at each table list the three qualities they think are most important for a leader.
A representative of each table brings his table’s list up and gives it to the EMCEE.)

EMCEE:         (Reads each sheet and places it in the computer through the slot. When the EMCEE
               reads off a duplication of quality, as there is bound to be, he stresses the importance of
               that quality.)

EMCEE:         (After lists from all tables have been read)
               Now the computer can take all the information and come up with a good leader.

(The EMCEE turns the dials, presses the buttons and spins the tape reels. The operators
inside the computer provide computer noises, flash the lights and rock the computer.

Finally, they push a large cardboard figure through the slot.

EMCEE:         The computer has done it! It has given us a leader with all these qualities and here he is -

(The EMCEE holds the cardboard figure of AKELA beside him.)

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