The Four Seasons
Posted On: 2009-01-24

The narrator narrates, everyone else is volunteers.

"I need eleven volunteers for this skit."

"This skit is called the Four Seasons. You three are trees. You three are leaves in trees, get up in the trees. You're poison ivy, cling to the roots of one of the trees. You're tree's blood, you run through the trees. You two are birds, flit from tree to tree and sing. And you're the babbling brook. You have to babble."

"Babble babble babble babble …"

"In the spring, the leaves come out on the trees. The birds flit from tree to tree."

"In the summer, the leaves open up and the sun shines down on the forest. The birds form flocks"

"In the fall, the leaves drop from the trees. The birds fly away south."

"In the winter, the brook freezes and stops babbling. All seems still in the forest. But beneath it all there is still life. Look! The sap is still running!"




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