The Shrimpy Boxer
Posted On: 2009-01-24

Version 1:
Cast: Announcer, big boxer, 72 pound weakling, fry pan

Announcer: Ladies and Gents! May I bring your attention to the center ring where we will have our main attraction! Little John will be fighting against a new contender, named Shrimpy! 1-2-3 Go! They box -- Shrimpy gets hit this way, that way, is really losing until at the last moment, he throws one weak punch and Little John falls unconscious.

Announcer: 1! 2! 3! Shrimpy wins! Now let's look at that in slow motion! Boxers get up, and the scene repeats itself slowly in slow motion, and when Shrimpy is throwing his punch, someone quickly -- and I mean unaffected by slow motion -- runs up and swings the fry pan against Little John's head.

Version 2:
Similar to the above, but it never gets to the fight. The Announcer is explaining the rules and says "We'll have none of this!" (kicks Little John in the groin) "Or this!" (breaks arm over his knee) "Or this!" (kicks in the knees) "And of course this! is prohibited!" (hits over the head with the fry pan) "Understood? Good! Go!" And of course one weak punch from Shrimpy knocks him out.



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