Another Achievement Doodle
Posted On: 2021-12-21


This ceremony was written to be used with your den doodle or it can be adapted to use the Den Achievement Wall Chart. This simple ceremony could be changed for variety and sometimes the boys could give their den yell in place of the achievement pledge, or an appropriate song.


PERSONNEL: Den leader, Assistant den leader, Den Chief

EQUIPMENT: Den doodle and doodles to be presented, or achievement chart and special marker SETTING: Set up the den doodle in a convenient place in the meeting place where all can see it. Have boys stand facing the den doodle in a circle around it or in a semicircle or line facing it. The doodle to be presented could be in the form of an object from the current monthly theme.

DEN LEADER: We have a boy (or boys) today who is ready to add another achievement doodle to his string on the den doodle. He has been working hard and passed another achievement in working toward his (Wolf/Bear) badge.

ASSISTANT DEN LEADER: (Hands it to the boy as he comes forward and faces the other den members.)

Congratulations (name), you're doing fine work on your achievements. Keep up the good work.

DEN LEADER: Okay, fellahs, while (name) is adding his doodle to his string on our den doodle, our Den Chief is going to lead us in our Den Achievement Pledge.

DEN CHIEF: (Have the pledge on a poster for the boys to read or teach the pledge ahead of time to be used at other achievement ceremonies.) Let's all give the Cub Scout sign and repeat with me.

We the boys of Den ____

Promise to do our best.

To keep working on our achievements,

And to make our den stand out from all the rest.

DEN LEADER: Now that (name) has added his new achievement doodle to our den doodle, let's all give him big Hows. (Match the number of hows to the number of achievement doodles added or the number of boys adding doodles.)