Captain Zoom IV
Posted On: 2019-10-11

"Although I cannot be your ____________ (NOUN) King, " Captain Zoom told the ____________ (ADJECTIVE) natives of Hang-On, “I will be your ____________ (NOUN).  And I will ____________ (VERB [PRESENT TENSED you like a father."  At this the natives cheered. "____________ (AN EXCLAMATION)!" they shouted - ____________ (ADVERB). And they began pelting the good captain with overripe ____________ (PLURAL NOUN) which was how they showed respect and____________ (AN EMOTION).  Then they took him to their local____________ (TYPE OF BUILDING) and released all of the earth people they had ____________ (VERB [PAST TENSE]) with their flying ____________ (SOMETHING ON THE DINNER TABLE). So Captain Zoom put them all on his ____________ (ADJECTIVE) space____________ (A VEHICLE), set it for " ____________ (NOUN)" Warp and went back to Earth. They all lived ____________ (ADVERB) ever after.



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