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Spaced Out

Mission Control: The astronauts are now boarding the space ship. Let's listen to their discussion as they prepare to blast off.
Astronaut 1: I get to sit by the window this time
Astronaut 2: No. I get to this time!
Astronaut 1: No, you don't. It's my turn!
Astronaut 2: You got to last time. It's my turn this time!
Mission Control: Uh... uhm. Well, we'll return to the space ship as soon as the flight gets under way and see how it's going.... Oh, there they go right now!....Gentlemen, do you see anything unusual out there?
Astronauts: No comet!
Astronaut 1: (to number 2) We are now traveling faster than the speed of sound.
Astronaut 2: What did you say? I can't hear you.
Mission Control: Everyone wants to know what astronauts eat on space flights. Can you tell us what's on the menu for the next meal?
Astronaut 1: Yes. I can. We'll be having launch meat and....(to number 2) Say, John, do you know what's for dessert?
Astronaut 2: Ice cream floats!
Astronaut 1: Yes, of course it does. Everything floats up here!
Mission Control: Tell us a little about how you astronauts pass the time on long flights.
Astronaut 2. Well, we play moonopoly and we read.
Mission Control: Oh, I see. Are you getting a lot of reading done then?
Astronaut 1: Yes, we certainly are! We just can't put out books down!
Astronaut 2: I just happen to be reading a good one right now. It might come in handy on our return trip.
Mission Control: What book is that?
Astronaut 2: It's by a football player. The name of it is How To Make Touchdowns.
Mission Control: Your flight seems to be going smoothly. At the moment we are...
Astronaut 1: (interrupting) EMERGENCY! ! Something has gone wrong with our oxygen supply system. The gauges indicate that we have only 55 seconds left of...
Mission Control: (interrupting) At the moment we are experiencing some difficulty in hearing you. Could you please wait a minute?

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