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The Planets

(Tune of Are You Sleeping)
Mercury, Mercury,
Is the smallest, Is the smallest
And it's very close
To the sun
And very hot, and very hot.
Venus is, Venus is,
Our nearest neighbor, our nearest neighbor
Venus is covered
With many clouds
And is very bright, and is very bright.
The Earth, the Earth,
Is where we live, is where we live
We've gravity and water
And oxygen too.
To help us breathe, to help us breathe.
Mars is similar , Mars is similar,
To our Earth, to our Earth
But it has less gravity
And it has no oxygen
So we couldn't breathe, we couldn't breathe.
Jupiter is the largest, Jupiter is the largest,
And it has, and it has
A very large red spot
It's called a gas giant
And it has twelve moons, it has twelve moons.
Saturn has many rings, Saturn has many rings,
And nine moons, and nine moons,
Eight revolve counterclockwise
But one is the opposite.
It goes clockwise, it goes clockwise.
Uranus rotates strangely, Uranus rotates strangely,
On its axis, on its axis,
Its North Pole faces the sun
For almost twenty years
Then the South Pole does the same, the South Pole does the same.
Neptune is the outermost, Neptune is the outermost,
Of the four gas giants, of the four gas giants
It has an icy surface
That makes it very cold,
-330 degrees, -330 degrees.
Pluto is the farthest, Pluto is the farthest
From the sun, from the sun,
It's very hard to find
Because it is so far away
From the Earth, from the Earth.

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