The Loon Hunt #2
Posted On: 2019-07-19

This is a cute one obtained from the Mt. Norris Scout Reserve, Vermont, Staff Campfire.

Cast: Narrator, two hunters, Melican, Loon, wise man

Setting: Out in the woods Narrator: This is the story of the little-known Melican and two hunters' efforts to capture it. For instance, watch. The Melican, which has been dancing around during the Narrator's speech, suddenly spots the two hunters, who blunderingly, and unsuccessfully, attempt to catch the Melican. During the next speech, all actors act according to the Narrator's storyline.

Narrator: Several times our bold hunters attempt to catch this Melican; they use traps, "Melican" calls, even a sick loon. (Every once in a while the actors make appropriate comments.) But all this was to no avail. Finally, they consulted a wise man.

Hunter 1: Wise man, we have been trying to catch the Melican for quite a while, but without any success. We even tried to lure it with a sick loon, because we'd heard that it was a good idea. What do you suggest?

Wise man: (In one of those old, strained, many years-of-experience sage voices,) You have been going about it almost in the right way. But the Melican also needs a sweeter trap!

Hunter 1: (Bewildered) Uh... Thank you, Wise man! Let's go!

Hunter 2: What did he mean by a sweeter trap?

Hunter 1: I don't know. Maybe we should feed our sick loon some sugar!

Hunter 2: Sugar? Hunter 1: Yeah! You know, like sugar cured ham! Narrator: And so our brave hunters took a bag of sugar and forced it down the loon's throat. Ahh ...

Watch now as the Melican spots our loon. The Melican sees the loon and DIVES for it, at which point, the hunters capture the Melican.

Narrator: Out brave hunters have finally succeeded in capturing the Melican. Which, dear audience, leads to the moral of this story ... A loonful of sugar helps the Melican go down!




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