Keep Canada Beautiful Contest
Posted On: 2021-08-30

Otherwise known as "The Contest" in the Leader Magazine. Text from The Best of the Leader Cut Out Pages. You could just as easily do this as Keep America Beautiful or any other country for that matter.

Cast: 6 Cubs
Setting: Five Cubs Sitting in Their Clubhouse (indicated by appropriate signs) playing a game.

Cub 1: (Runs in, very excited) Hey, you guys! Did you hear about the big contest?

Cub 2: What contest? What's it about?

Cub 1: The "Keep Canada Beautiful Contest," that's what!

Cub 3: Are there prizes? A contest is no good without prizes.

Cub 1: Sure, lots of prizes. Neat ones like bicycles and radios, and lots of good stuff!

Cub 4: (Gloomily) I bet it's hard. Contests with neat prizes are always hard.

Cub 1: Nope! It's easy. Even the rules say it's SIMPLE -- in big letters. The winner is the one who picks the easiest way.

Cub 5: The easiest way to do what?

Cub 1: The easiest way to keep Canada Beautiful. That's what I've been talking about!

Cub 6: (With a swagger) Ha! Then I'm a cinch to win!

Cub 1: Why's it so cinchy for you? What's your great way to keep Canada beautiful?

Cub 6: (Takes out a comb and combs his hair) See! That's the easiest way I know to keep Canada Beautiful.

The others look at him, then at each other. Quickly they surround him, carry or drag him to a large box marked TRASH, and dump him in.

Cub 1: Like he said, fellahs, we're a cinch to win! That's the easiest way I know to keep Canada beautiful. (they exit, laughing while Cub 6 stands up in the trash box with a disgusted look on his face.)



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